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Prayer for Manifestation

One does not need to “deserve” anything that one desires. Like the judge in the parable who gives the woman what she asks of him, a prayer when done correctly will create results.

We always pray and create and commune with the divine, even when we are not completely aware because the divine is within us.

When we are aware, we can fully utilize prayer to benefit ourselves and others.

DESIRE – The strength of your desire is what fuels a prayer’s manifestation.

CLARITY – We always get what we pray for. How clearly we can envision our prayer is how it will be manifested. If you pray to live in a house in the suburbs, you may get it, however it might be that you are the house helper in it. We can be as specific as we want when we pray. We can envision the color of our sofas, and the amount of cash we make. Whatever we desire can be ours. However, we are guided to seek the Kingdom of God first. This means that we must take care of our souls first and foremost before the desires of earthly things. A desire for earthly glory, money or power will just lead to dissatisfaction without the deep communion with God. However, if one has a deep communion with God, all else comes easily. All prayers are answered. All living becomes a joy.

BREVITY – All prayer needs only exist but one moment. Heaven and the realm of creation exist outside time, so it makes not any difference if you pray for one second or for ten hours. However, if you need ten hours to strengthen your conviction to form that one moment of pure truth, then so be it.

WHOLENESS– In order to manifest what you truly desire, you must wholeheartedly desire it with your body, mind and soul. You must believe that it is possible. You must believe that you deserve it. You must want it. You must thank God for it. There should be no doubt, no failing, no ifs or buts. Your entire conscious and subconscious must be in agreement that you are getting what you desire at that very moment.

FAITH – Pure faith in the love of God and the Lord Jesus, in the order of the universe and the munificence of creation that your heart’s desire has a place to become true in this world just as you believe is what is necessary to make your prayers come true.

IN THE NAME OF JESUS – All things asked in His name are given. As a caveat, thou shall not use the name of God in Vain, or for your own self interest. Ask to be rich to be able to give generously, to be filled with love so that you may love others, to be freed from doubt so that you may do His will. The person whose heart is set in pleasing only themselves will create a selfish universal reflection unto himself. Though he may get what he asked for, his selfishness will create a sort of entropy that will increase in time. Selfishness is its own self undoing, because in seeking your self gratification, you lose meaning and purpose. Man was made divine, and as divine, he or she cannot be satisfied living for himself or herself. The higher we ascend, the more we will realize and feel the oneness of all things, and that giving allows us to expand our energy to everything. Love creates greatness of soul, and freedom from anxiety.

We ask through Jesus because it is only through him that we receive the father’s eternal grace.

GRATITUDE – Always a thankful heart is open to the blessings from heaven.

LETTING GO – This is an act of expectancy. We stop thinking about that which we desire because we have faith that it has been done. When we are able to let it go, and to give it up to God, we let the universe respond to our desires.

Pray for others.

The highest prayer:

Offer even each act of everyday as a prayer in motion. When one is filled to overflowing with love for God or for others,  one will feel an urge to offer everything for the glory of God. Suddenly the worries that used to haunt you have silenced themselves. Only a joy that comforts abides in you. Each moment of work is glory. Each discomfort is justified. Life that is given to God is prayer.

Then each moment is a sowing and a reaping of fruits. Each moment is the cause for celebration. Be still and know the glory within you. Dance and rejoice for the life that we have been given. Let your words be songs of peace and joy, and your actions be rivulets of God’s eternal embrace. Let your throughts be sanctified by the Holy Spirit, and walk in the light all your days! Then it is you who becomes the prayer. You then become the celebration of God’s Kingdom on earth.


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